create an alternative route for the lightning

The lightning protection secures that the lightning takes a shortcut to a grounded point and ensures also that the lightning does not branch up and find a way into the charging station. The lightning protection does not affect the normal functions of the charging station or lawn mower. It is activated only when the lightning can damage sensitive electronics.

A direct hit by a lightning can shatter trees and cause fires. This protection cannot withstand a direct hit as this energy discharge is enormous. But it provides very good protection and can almost be compared to using a seat belt in a car. The seat belt provides a very good protection, but depending on what happens, a seat belt can never guarantee that you can get completely unharmed in the event of an accident.


Do you need to replace the lightning protection after a thunderstorm?

No! If the robotic mower works as it should, the lightning protection works as well. Should the lightning protection be exposed to more energy than it is designed for, it will shatter. Then it is also obvious that you have to replace it.

cloud to cloud strike

This is the most common reason for robotic mowers to be damaged due to thunderstorms. If the lightning strikes between two clouds several kilometers above the boundary wire it is more than enough for the magnetic field created by the lightning to be transferred into the boundary wire by induction and damaging the charging station. If the robot is in the charging station when this happens, there is a great risk that it will also be damaged. Intonum’s lightning protection is designed to protect against these cloud-cloud strikes.

cloud to ground strike

A cloud to ground strike that branches up into the boundary wire is more unusual. Severe damage will be caused if the lightning finds its way into the boundary wire and then to the charging station.Intonum’s lightning protection protects also very well against cloud to ground strikes.

ce marking

The well-sealed lightning protection is CE marked. It is molded to be 100% moisture-proof and inaccessible to insects that prefer to live in boxes and cavities. Cables are UV-protected to withstand the sun and all metal parts are either stainless steel or galvanized.



Tests performed in high voltage labs to simulate a real thunderstorm.